Get Involved

Want to give in a meaningful way to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wisconsin? Your gift has an impact on individuals, on the community, and on our state. 

There are multiple ways to give.


Large Gifts

Large gifts sustain the clubs and make our programs possible. We serve 144,800 youth in rural, suburban and urban areas across the state. Your gift makes a difference in the lives of those youth. How much of a difference? 

57% of Club Alumni say “THE CLUB SAVED MY LIFE.

To make a large donation, contact the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wisconsin and get in touch with Executive Director Andy Gussert.


Individual Donations

Individuals can donate as well. Your contributions show you care, and can help power the programs across the state and at your local club. You can contact a club to make a gift, or donate to the to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wisconsin.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Wisconsin directs all funds directly to the clubs. Your contribution goes directly to the programs that make a difference to kids’ lives, with nothing taken out for operating costs or staff.



Individuals and companies can donate time by volunteering with a club. Contact individual clubs for volunteering opportunities




Contact Local Lawmakers

You can contact your local lawmakers. Tell your local representative you care about the Boys & Girls Clubs of Wisconsin. Your time and effort make a difference for Wisconsin’s youth.



No matter how you choose to get involved, thank you. We appreciate what you do for Wisconsin kids and teens.